Cheers to Beer Day Britain: A Global Tasting Journey with KBE Drinks

June 2023

Cheers to Beer Day Britain: A Global Tasting Journey with KBE Drinks

As today is Beer Day Britain, a day dedicated to celebrating the world's favourite beverage, we invite you to a spot of globetrotting.

With an impressive portfolio of brands from around the world, KBE Drinks offers a diverse range of beers that showcase the rich tapestry of beer culture. Join us as we explore the fascinating stories behind some of KBE Drinks' remarkable brands and raise a glass in honour of Beer Day Britain.

Kingfisher Beer (India)

Our first stop takes us to the vibrant country of India, where we discover the iconic Kingfisher Beer. Known as the beer of being present and appreciating life’s smaller moments, Kingfisher embodies the spirit of India with its refreshing taste and rich heritage. Brewed with the finest ingredients, this lager captures the essence of Indian craftsmanship and is enjoyed by beer lovers around the world. Celebrate Beer Day Britain with a taste of India and experience the zestful flavours of Kingfisher Beer. With a colourful nature and quality liquid, Kingfisher is the perfect premium session lager for your restaurant, pub or bar.

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Sagres (Portugal)

From India, we travel to the sun-kissed shores of Portugal, where Sagres beer awaits. Sagres is a beloved Portuguese brand that has been quenching the thirst of beer enthusiasts since 1940. Taking its name from the much-loved Sagres region, this crisp and golden lager reflects the coastal charm and laid-back lifestyle of Portugal. Savour the flavours of Sagres and let it transport you to the picturesque landscapes of the Iberian peninsula. With sales of world beers on the rise, this lager is sure to whet your customer’s taste buds and have them longing for the white sands of Portugal.

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Krusovice (Czech Republic)

Next on our global beer tour, we venture to the Czech Republic, a nation renowned for its beer culture. Here, we encounter Krusovice, a Czech beer that epitomises the country's brewing traditions. With a history dating back to 1581, Krusovice boasts a rich and distinctive character. Each sip reveals the craftsmanship and passion that Czech brewers have honed over centuries. With customers drinking less but spending more on quality offerings, Krusovice is a premium lager to appeal to your more discerning drinkers. It is after all, fit for a king!

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Dos Equis (Mexico)

Our journey now takes us across the Atlantic to Mexico, where Dos Equis awaits your taste buds. Dos Equis, meaning "two X's" in Spanish, is an iconic Mexican brand known for its memorable advertising campaigns and exceptional brew. This beer captures the spirit of Mexico, making it perfect the perfect Sunshine Beer.

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Yeastie Boys (New Zealand)

From the sunny beaches of Mexico, we hop over to the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand to discover Yeastie Boys. This innovative craft brewery combines traditional brewing techniques with bold and inventive flavours, creating a truly unique beer experience. With offerings like their flagship beer, Big Mouth IPA, and the delicious Superfresh Helles Lager, Yeastie Boys pushes the boundaries of taste and invites beer enthusiasts to embark on a flavour-filled adventure.

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Ichnusa (Italy)

Our final destination takes us to the enchanting country of Italy, where we encounter Ichnusa, a beer that captures the essence of Sardinia. Brewed using pure Sardinian water and local ingredients, Ichnusa boasts a refreshing and light-bodied profile. With its delicate balance of flavours and a touch of Mediterranean flair, Ichnusa invites you to savour the taste of Italy and experience the laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle.

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We raise our glasses and celebrate the global tapestry of beer culture with KBE Drinks. From the zestful Kingfisher Beer of India to the coastal charm of Sagres from Portugal, the time-honoured brewing traditions of Krusovice in the Czech Republic, the festive vibes of Dos Equis from Mexico, the innovative creations of Yeastie Boys in New Zealand, and the Mediterranean allure of Ichnusa from Italy, our beer journey has taken us on an extraordinary adventure. Join us in toasting to Beer Day Britain and the remarkable flavours that unite beer enthusiasts worldwide.