Kingfisher Primary Packaging Change to Amber Bottles

July 2022

Kingfisher Primary Packaging Change to Amber Bottles

As you will be aware, the widely publicised events within Eastern Europe and supply chain deficit which continues to be felt globally, has resulted in rising commodity prices for raw materials and manufacturing, applying immediate pressure toward both accessibility and affordability of glass bottles.

Like many other businesses with a high dependency on glass for packaging their goods, KBE Drinks source their glass bottles from Europe. However, for many reasons we acknowledge this to no longer be a sustainable option.

As such, to allow us to maintain consistency in supply and mitigate any risk to an ever-increasing demand, we have taken the decision to source bottles from the UK market. However, due to green glass being in short supply within the UK, this has dictated our need to transfer to an amber bottle for our Kingfisher packaged products.

This change will offer a refreshing and dynamic aesthetic, aligned with the new identity of the Kingfisher brand which we hope you will agree to be highly complementary and offer a point of difference, both on shelf as well as in the hands of our consumers.

At the top of this page, you will find an image of the Kingfisher amber bottle with our fresh new branding applied. There will be a short transitional period where you may come across the old branding on amber bottles. During this time, some bottles will be missing the embossed “Kingfisher” word mark under the neck. However, barcodes will remain unchanged on consumer units and secondary (outer) packaging but will be injected with our exciting new branding.

We hope that the content of this note is well received and understood. However, if you should have any questions, we kindly ask that you direct these to your account representative in the first instance.

Yours faithfully

Shaun Goode
Chief Operating Officer