May 2022

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KBE Drinks, the premium world beer and cider company, is pleased to announce a major new rebrand and repositioning for its biggest brand, Kingfisher, which goes live in June. The bold new look offers a more premium, modern feel to the brand and will support its continued drive into wider sales channels. The rebrand will include new look labels and outer packaging, as well as new glassware, a new fount and POS materials for the on trade.

Core to the rebrand is the tagline of ‘Look up and see the beauty’ which will be front and centre of a heavyweight consumer marketing campaign focusing on encouraging drinkers to be more present in their lives and appreciate the beauty all around them.

As India’s number one beer, Kingfisher has found huge success in the Indian restaurant channel due to its quality and authentic Indian heritage. However, in recent years as the trend for premium world beers has really taken off, KBE Drinks have been increasingly seeding the brand outside this occasion and it is now served in pubs and bars across the country, is the official beer of Premier League Southampton FC, has been sold at festivals including Bestival, Isle of Wight and Taste of London and enjoys huge success in the off-trade, within both the grocery and convenience channels, where it’s sales have grown by 65% since 2019 (total beer sales have grown just 15% in this period).

Kingfisher taps into all the relevant consumer trends impacting on world beer, including health (it’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians), premiumisation, authenticity and experience. It’s is a clean, crisp and refreshing lager that uses the finest Saaz hops to give the beer its light bitterness and earthy herbal notes.

Shaun Goode, Chief Operating Officer at KBE Drinks, comments, “We are immensely proud of Kingfisher’s Indian heritage, and we’ve reflected this in our new colourful and vibrant brand creative. Kingfisher is a brand that so many consumers are already aware of and enjoy, so we’re confident they will love the rebrand and be delighted to increasingly find it stocked in their local pub, supermarket or convenience store, as well as their favourite Indian restaurant. This new look and feel will really maximise its appeal to those consumers who are looking for an authentic, premium world lager with a genuine backstory. Finally, we’re really excited to be bringing the whole rebrand to life through our ‘Look up and see the beauty’ marketing campaign, which will encourage consumers to think about their well-being, take a digital detox and appreciate the world around them by enjoying real-life experiences that improve mental and physical health, which should really resonate with our target audience.”

To find out more about Kingfisher, please visit or call 01622 351110.