New SKU for Kingfisher

March 2020

New SKU for Kingfisher

We’re pleased to announce two new SKUs for Kingfisher beer.


Due to valuable feedback from our off-trade and European Export customers, we have introduced two new SKUs for Kingfisher.


The first is a Polykeg; a much easier, safer and eco-friendly way of transporting beer to overseas markets. There has been an overwhelming demand for this type of SKU in the last two years.


“Offering a Polykeg SKU to overseas markets shows that we’re proactively listening to the market,” says Rob Pietre-Cambacedes, Brand Manager for Kingfisher, “Polykegs are much safer and friendlier to the environment. We’re currently in the process of securing RTMs for it.”

The second SKU is a 12 pack of 330ml bottles.


“When you go to the beer aisle in your local supermarket,” continues Rob, “we want Kingfisher to be seen in as many varieties as possible, which is why the 12 pack is an essential addition to our customer offering.”


The 12 pack will be available to customers from the 9th March. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.