Safeguard your bar equipment

March 2020

Safeguard your bar equipment
With normal trading for the industry halting, we understand the need for you to safeguard your business for the future – this extends to your beer dispense and chilling equipment too. Therefore, we’ve compiled some simple processes to ensure your lines stay in top condition, and that your fridges are ready to use when you need them...  

Draught dispense lines

To close your system down (for up to four weeks):
  1. Thoroughly clean and blow the dispense system* leaving lines clean and dry
  2. Leave remote coolers switched off, and turn off gas
  3. If you still have un-broached kegs in the cellar, we advise leaving the cellar cooling switched on to preserve the life of the stock
  4. Remove nozzles, clean thoroughly under warm running water with a nozzle brush, and leave to air dry - DO NOT LEAVE THEM TO SOAK IN ANYTHING
  5. Ensure glasswasher is cleaned and drained - spray all internal surfaces with food-grade sanitizer
  6. Remove filter and spray arms, and clean
  7. Leave door open to allow air circulation
*For more information on how to blow lines see below   Bar Closure Process – Blowing Lines
  • Disconnect all keg couplers, clean and sanitise
  • Clean the cleaning sockets
  • Attach couplers to the cleaning ring main
  • Clean the lines in normal way and rinse with water
  • Leave fobs in cleaning mode
  • Ensure the cleaning bottle is empty and line cleaning feed tube is inside the bottle
  • At the bar open each tap until air is coming through every line
  • Turn off cleaning gas and any assist pumps
  • Turn off remote coolers at the plug
  • Turn gas off at individual valves and main supply
Re-Opening Your Bar
  • Check that beer is still in date
  • Clean and sanitise the keg spear
  • Connect couplers to kegs in the normal way
  • Turn on keg gas and assist pump gas (where applicable)
  • Pull beer through the fob (ensuring the fob is in dispense mode)
  • Re-attach nozzles to correct taps
  • Pull through the beer to the tap and check clarity, aroma and taste
  • Return to cellar and turn on the remote cooler.
  • Beer will be ready to serve within 30 mins of the remote cooler being turned on.
What to do with broached kegs? Unfortunately, kegs that have been broached for more than one week will not be fit to serve. Arrange for collection as normal through your wholesaler. For more information, please click here.

Bottle cooling and glass freezing equipment

It is important to take the following steps to decommission the bar bottle cooling and glass freezing equipment:
  1. Switch off the power to the cabinet and un-plug from the wall socket.
  2. Empty the cabinet.
  3. Clean and sanitise the interior, including the shelves.
  4. Clean the glass inside and out. Pay attention to the door seals since these are more intricate and delicate.
  5. Clean and sanitise the door handles, if fitted.
  6. Dry it off.
  7. Wedge the doors open to allow air to circulate and leave it like this
If you don’t then unfortunately the fridge may grow mould and smell terrible. When you re-open, repeat the process in steps 3 to 6. You may find that the door seal has got a “dent” in it from where the bottle was placed to wedge it open. This will most likely “relax” out over a few days but if not, blow some warm air on to it to soften the rubber (a hair dryer is good for this, or try warm water) and allow it to come back into shape.