Sustainability at KBE Drinks

March 2022

Sustainability at KBE Drinks
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With rising global temperatures, warming oceans, glacial retreats and extreme weather events it is time for everyone to do their part in this globally shared challenge. KBE Drinks fully appreciates we are a tiny cog in this massive wheel but fundamentally believes that if each tiny cog does its very best, and builds collaborative approaches with its partners, we will succeed in this seemingly impossible challenge. Following the introduction of the Business Sustainability Programme in 2021, KBE Drinks will be progressive in its approach to tackling this globally shared challenge in 2022.

We have a three-pronged approach to make a difference:

1) Looking first at what we can control ourselves
KBE Drinks have engaged with a net-zero consultancy which is enabling KBE to focus on breaking this challenge down into realistic timely goals. In 2022 we are looking at the areas of fuel combustion, and consumption, reducing emissions and maximising energy solutions. We know that no one person has all the answers here so we have an inclusive approach that enables all colleagues to promote ideas that help us to achieve these goals together!
We’ve already initiated our Be Green Car Policy, where the entire fleet is being converted to electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles with charging stations created at head office and all driver homes being set up.

2) Working with our key suppliers
This is going to be the most interesting and extremely challenging part of achieving our goal of getting to net-zero. With the majority of our products produced at Camerons Brewery, a collaborative approach is essential to success. This has already started and combined plans will be developed throughout 2022. We also partner with a number of other breweries in the UK, Europe and Asia, and we are looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint with each.
One thing we’re already looking at is to import one of our beer brands in large tanks at high gravity. This means we can dilute and keg the beer in the UK. Thus, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the beer whilst still letting UK consumers enjoy the same authentic flavour.

3) Working with the rest of the hospitality industry
Having participated in the UKHospitality COP26 fringe event in November 2021 we will be ensuring our plans and progress are aligned to that of one of our major industry bodies, who are very active in supporting businesses within our sector to evolve their plans and collaborate with each other to achieve our respective shared goals.

This is just the first step of a long journey towards achieving net-zero carbon by 2030!

 Please contact us at if you would like further information on our sustainability policy.