The Barmy Army vs. The Bharat Army

June 2018

The Barmy Army vs. The Bharat Army
Today Kingfisher Beer have launched their summer cricket campaign – The Barmy Army vs. The Bharat Army. During India’s tour of the UK the Armies will be going head to head in a series of “Tests” to be crowned the greatest cricket fans in the world. The 5 tests will consist of:
  1. Drone Catch - Members of each Army will have the chance to break a World Record by catching balls dropped from a drone. The team with the highest catch wins.
  2. Tweet Off – A representative of each Army will take over the Kingfisher Twitter feed to see who can make the most amusing commentary on the game. Runs will be scored for likes and retweets and the team with the highest tally winning.
  3. Best Song - Singing about your team is key part of the cricket fan experience. The most humorous song sung throughout the T20 series will win the test.
  4. Chilli Challenge – The armies will face rounds of increasing levels of chilli treats to taste. The winning team will be whoever can hold out the longest without sipping their Kingfisher Beer!
  5. T10 Game – In the potential decider a team from each army will compete in a T10 match straight after one of Middlesex County Cricket Club’s T20 matches… at the end of the game the winners will be crowned.
  To keep up to date with the campaign make sure to follow Kingfisher and your army over on Twitter. What will you do #backthebarmy or #backthebharat ?